96 year old Holocaust Survivor Ike Alterman BEM visited Marple Hall High School in Stockport, Manchester to tell his My Voice Lifestory to 300 students and staff.

Sarah Fern, Head of History at Marple Hall High, has designed lesson plans on the Holocaust using five of the My Voice books, including Ike’s book “Rest Their Souls.

Each student present had read parts of Ike’s book and so the opportunity to hear him tell his story in person was one of the highlights of the the year.

Discussing the visit, Sarah said “Our students and staff found Ike’s story very moving and inspiring. Thank you so much for making this possible.”

Raphi Bloom, The Fed’s Director of Fundraising and Marketing, delivered a powerful opening speech to Marple Hall High students on why The My Voice Project Storybooks are so crucial to read in this day and age – and why listening to Holocaust Survivor Ike Alterman BEM story in person is not just a privilege but also essential to both counter Holocaust denial and to ensure his messages of tolerance, resilience and kindness become everyone’s North Star.

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