We were delighted to be asked by the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education to take part in their #beaconschool2324.

My Voice Project Lead Juliette Peace spoke about how the My Voice Project started, the team, the volunteer roles, the 42 Lifestory books published and 15 more in production, how the books are used as an educational resource and where they are housed.

Diana Popescu, the My Voice Educational Advisor, talked about the range and thematic scope of the collection, how the books are constructed and our methodology.

Sarah Fern, Head of History at Marple Hall High School in Stockport, Manchester talked about rewriting lesson plans on the Holocaust with her new scheme of work, using 5 My Voice books and the very positive impact on the students.

We are excited to continue to explore how the My Voice Life Story books can be used across the UK in partnership with the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education and their Beacon Schools so these incredible stories can be shared and learnt from


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