During March, King David High School Manchester students in Years 7- were  studying the life of 95 year old Holocaust Survivor Ike Alterman BEM through his THE FED My Voice Story book. Students have engaged with Ike’s challenges and struggles along with his happy and loving memories of his family pre war and his family today.

At the beginning of March, 300 students had the privilege of hearing Ike tell his story in person and then asking him questions. The engagement was incredible and a large number stayed behind after the talk finished to continue to ask him questions. As Elie Weisel said “when you listen to a witness, you become a witness.”

Rabbi Benjy Rickman, the Head of Kodesh (Jewish Studies) said, “We have studied Ike’s character as it is presented in his own words. Doing so has allowed students to consider Ike’s bravery, courage, resilience and fortitude, traits that young people desperately need.”

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