It was great to be back at Accrington Stanley FC with My Voice Storyteller & Holocaust Survivor Ike Alterman BEM who spoke to over 60 first team, scholars & staff about his life story & experiences during the Holocaust & also shared his messages of tolerance, kindness, hope & resilience.

The level of engagement, questions and interaction was fantastic.

Feedback from the session included the following:

“What a wonderful person. To relive the horrors he witnessed is testament to the strong, powerful man he is. I was fixated watching him speak. Totally wonderful and in the 2 hours I’ve been in the room I have taken so much from him in the way he fights and continues to fight day after day with the traumas of the world he lived in and the awful things he witnessed throughout his childhood and teenage years. Thank you.”


“A pleasure to hear Ike’s story in person and how he has been able to move on to build his life and relationships since his awful experience. Ike is an inspiration to others and people should be able to take Ike’s story and advice as inspiration to help others and make the most of life. Thank you.”

“Thank you for the reflection today, it has really helped me open my eyes more to the hate across the world and I will continue to help people in need and fight back against hate.”

"Inspirational and a story to give anyone hope that no matter what they’re going through, there’s light at the end of any tunnel."

"Very inspirational and very well delivered. Makes you realise to not take things for granted in our lives today."

"Fantastic listening to Ike’s story. An amazing man who has come through so much hurt and sadness.  The strength and character he has shown to come through this is unbelievable. A lesson for all to be learnt today. I leave having learnt so much today. A truly incredible story.  A very humble strong man. Thanks Ike."

"Thank you! An inspiring man who has told his story to us today. A true gent. Shows us how easy our generation has it and how precious that is. Thank you, Ike!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed hearing his insight into his life. Was good to expand my knowledge about the topic. I already knew about the atrocities of the Holocaust but was very personal hearing it from his point of view."

“Inspiring story that deserves to be heard by all. Teaches people to be resilient and never give in and to fight to get life back on track after trauma. I am grateful for Ike’s story, and it has inspired me to persevere in my personal endeavours.  Cheers Ike!”

“Listening to the survivor helped me understand and picture what he went through. The session was planned and was fluid with no stopping and starting.



“I thought he was very inspirational on the way he explained his whole experiences and I find it amazing hearing his message to the world. A great man with pure humble mind.”


“It was very interesting to hear Ike’s story, I now have a great understanding of the tragedies which occurred and hearing the story was very inspiring.”

Thank you, Accrington Stanley FC, for having us again and to David Burgess for arranging the visit.

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