We need to hear these accounts from real people and never become complacent

In July, in furtherance of My Voice’s educational aims, storyteller, Tomi Komoly, addressed a ‘lunch and learn’ session at Weightmans solicitors, arranged by Andrea Cohen, one of its legal directors.

Tomi was accompanied and supported by My Voice volunteer Sophie Fox and Project Lead, Louise Senderowich.  Louise spoke about the project and introduced Tomi to the 25 in-person attendees and 95 joining via Zoom from the firm’s offices around the country.

Tomi began by giving historical context to the Holocaust and the rise of Fascism in Hungary before sharing his personal story up until the end of WWll, when he was reunited with his grandmother.

He read an extract from his My Voice life story book – entitled ‘Survival, Escape and New Horizons’ – about his experiences in the Yellow Star House.

Afterwards, there as a Q and A session when people asked for example how Tomi feels about politics in Hungary today, amidst the a rise of antisemitism; and whether he is optimistic about the future – to which he replied emphatically,” No!”

Comments following the session clearly demonstrated the value of such events:

“Enjoyed would be the wrong word to describe how I felt about this afternoon’s talk. Perhaps privileged would be better to describe how I feel about listening to him… Thank you (and Tomi) for today’s talk – so moving and profoundly sad. Hugely valuable and appreciated. We need to hear these accounts from real people and never become complacent that such horrors may happen again. So, again, many thanks.”

“Tomi … I wish you well with your work. I admire you so much for all you do to educate younger generations like mine. It’s so important that we learn from people like you so we can play our part in tackling antisemitism that, sadly, is still perpetuated even today. Solidarity.”

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